Complete Toy Poodle Guide: What To Know Before Buying

Toy Poodles are one of the most popular companion dogs around.

They are a highly intelligent and self-confident breed who will mirror the love you give them.

Although they rose to popularity as dogs of royalty they are not a dainty weak breed but actually very agile.

Despite their smaller size you should expect them to behave the same as a standard-sized Poodle. The smaller toy size will definitely win over anyone’s heart.

As their name implies, the toy Poodle belongs to the toy group.

This group of dogs may be small in size but they definitely have big personalities.

They are very sociable, lovable and can fit in a variety of different lifestyles. This is all true of the toy Poodle whose number one desire is to please their owner.

These tiny athletes who do amazing in obedience and agility competitions. Their smaller size was created to be a companion dog, but their athletic ability still shines through.

They are one of the most intelligent and trainable breeds so there is a variety of physical and mental situations they will excel at.

  • Overview: Purebred.
  • Purpose: Companion.
  • Weight: 4-6 pounds.
  • Size: >10 inches.
  • Temperament: Self-confident, friendly and intelligent.
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Pros and Cons


  • Very easy to train.
  • Friendly and well-tempered.
  • One of the smartest dog breeds.
  • Excels in agility.
  • Minimal shedding.


  • Can bark a lot.
  • Suffers from loneliness and anxiety.
  • Prone to destruction if left alone.

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